Conscious Uncoupling or Divorce – what kind of break up are you?

Conscious Uncoupling – this is the term that Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin have chosen to announce their break up to the world.

They have asked for privacy while they go about the process of “conscious uncoupling and co-parenting”. I hope for their sake, they are granted this privacy but given their already established “conscious” drive for fame I doubt it will happen.

While I understand such an announcement is difficult and the couple would have agonised over how they would announce such a decision my first thought is to wonder why they chose to use a little known (and bizarre) term to announce what most of us would simply describe as a divorce or at least a separation.

It is a reminder of how important the language is in terms of providing people with a clear understanding of who we are and this is something that applies equally to people, companies and brands.

The most essential thing for a brand is a clear sense of self and a discipline where every piece of communication from that brand reflects that clear brand personality.

Only then does a brand have a genuine voice and is therefore respected for their individual style (whether people relate to that style or not). Who doesn’t respect Harley Davidson even if you have no desire to ride one?

This dynamic is evident when you conduct research amongst teens the peers they are most disparaging about are those that have no discernible sense of self. The admiration is saved for those who have a better understanding of who they are and live in a manner that reflects that.

For example they are much more likely to admire a Goth who fully embraces that identity than a person who just floats along moving from one trend to the next with no distinct characteristics.

Not sure what you think but the language that Gwyneth and Chris have chosen to use say much about them – I imagine they spend a lot of time examining how to perfect their family life (including how to separate) and then a large amount of energy trying to implement that. In my opinion they are also excruciatingly politically correct and probably suppressing their true selves! Say what you really think Gwyneth!